“Transnistria” by Aurel Baranga (Aurel Leibovici) • 1913-1979



Dacă toate frunzele pamântului s-ar face hîrtie, dacă toate mările s-ar preface
în cerneala, dacă toate pădurile s-ar preface în condee, dacă toate
viețuitoarele ar scrie îndeajuns… Scriu despre supraviețuitorii de la
Vapniarca [Transnistria] și aș vrea ca fiecare literă să ardă, sa arda ca ochii
lor rătăciți, ca fețele lor devastate, ca mîinile tremurînde, ca pașii lor
triști, paralitici, ca trupurile lor înconvoiate și frînte.


If all the leaves on earth would turn into paper, if all the seas would turn
into ink, if all the forests would transform into pencils, if all the living
would write enough… I write about the survivors of Vapniarka [Transnistria] and I would like
that every character should burn, should burn like their stray eyes,
like their devastated faces, their trembling hands, their dragging feet,
paralyzed, like their bent and broken bodies…

Translated by Ruth Gold

2 thoughts on ““Transnistria” by Aurel Baranga (Aurel Leibovici) • 1913-1979

  1. Hedwig Brenner

    Hi Edgar, what a exelant idea to put this poem on the blog. and Ruth|s translation, WOW…I have an idea:
    Put all the poems about Transnistria,and Ghetto from Auslaender, Weissglas, Kittner, Clara Blum Gong, a.o.together, so the member of the list and also others may read the poems about the Romanian Holocaust.

  2. Miriam (Mimi) Taylor

    I would like to support Hedwig’s idea. Many of the poets who wrote
    about the holocaust, are either unknown or partially forgotten,
    let us keep the works and names of the Bukovina poets alive,
    for those who will come after us.


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