Anny’s New Year’s Message


HISTORY: After WWI the world said never again. They created the League of Nation, what was done there was unimportant for, 20years later, we had WWII after which the United Nations was created. The only difference I can see between those two is that in 1948 they agreed to accept Israel as a State and thus have created the country which, whatever happens anywhere, the fault for all evil and wars have now a name and address – Revolution in Egypt – unrest in Syria – all this is caused by ISRAEL/the Jews who don’t agree to sign a peace treaty with the Palestinians which would solve all the Middle East and world problems. This is history.

A week, nearly 2 weeks ago / just my near past incredibly cruel pictures were transmitted from Syria more horrid than any ones before like thousands killed daily, a people killing, bombarding, their own but none shook the world so hard as the use of Gas!! We have heard of it before Iran/Iraq – father Assad used it to kill a part of the population he didn’t like but there was no media to report it on real time, not everyone had some camera in their pockets to show it all and there were hundreds of children slayed by GAS!!! Even Hitler didn’t make use of it when all was lost. Really heartbreaking – by the way if you want to know who started the war in Syria, ISRAEL of course!! Anyway, the French were the first to shout ” Bloody murder, unacceptable!” the Brits/Turks/Germans/USA/the Arab League made loud noises. In the Bible when God created the world between one day and the next it’s written ” There was evening there was morning and day 2, And so all these nations demanded action.

We in Israel prepared our gas masks -which by the way we have had for the past 2 years in our gas-shelter, mail delivered for 25 Shekel, but not all Israel is disciplined and arrived “just before Obama’s attack” last Thurs. Fri. latest Sunday. Meanwhile France thought they had shouted too loudly, got scared of their own voices, Cameron went to Parliament and was voted down and the USA had second thought and they still think. Turkey and the Arab League are waiting and I am too. Suppose Yom Kippur and Syria’s “great victory” over Israel, as they call it, is a nice day for another one??

So, I want to wish all our friends in Israel and all those living all over the world SHANA TOVA, Have a Happy, healthy year and do go on writing and reading.

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