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As the son of Czerowitzers I enjoy reading the historical posts and remembrances very much. Despite my technical skills, I have found getting to the site to list postings, while recalling my log on and password, a bit cumbersome. Much of the time I read posts on my Iphone or hospital computer which adds a bit of difficulty.

Several weeks ago, some one had asked for a recipe for Mititei. It turns out a young doctor in his early 30’s, who just joined our electrophysiology practice had told me that this was his favorite food. Although born in the U.S. his late father was from Bacau Romania and like my mother, was deported to Transistria. Small world. I told him that I was not familiar with this food until I realized it is the same as Carnatzin (excuse my spelling)—except I learned to make it without baking soda, but with seltzer and lots of garlic.

I had the goo fortune to enjoy part of Rosh Hashana with my 92 year old mother and 91 year old father from Czernowitz as well as my 97 year old father in law and 90 year old mother in law from Galicia. I am very fortunate to continue to hear nits and pieces of life which in may ways was richer and more precious than what we have today.

I wish everyone a Gemar Chatimah Tovah… good health, contentment, and peace of mind and peace for Israel and the world.

Romanian Mititei Recipe

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I am currently 65 yo living in NewJersey. My parents Blanche (aka Blanka End, born 1923) and Stewart (aka Sigi Schapiro, born 1924) grew up in Czernowitz. Mother was in Bershad where she lost her family. My father was able to escape through Russia. They are both in poor condiitonbut alive and living within a few minutes from me. Besides my hard work as a cardiac electrophysiologist I spend most of my free time helping to care for them. I visited Czernowitz in 2011.

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