2 thoughts on “Drone Shots of the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery

  1. Mimi (Miriam Taylor)

    These photographs show how well most of the cemetery has been cleared of invasive vegetation, but it would be very helpful if someone could note from which direction the photographs are taken.
    The ceremonial hall visible in one photograph is adjacent to the street and on the eastern side of the cemetery.

  2. Miriam Taylor (Mimi)

    By comparing the first of these photographs with an enlarged satellite photograph
    of the area, I concluded that the photograph was taken from above the south-western part of the cemetery. The street bordering the ceremonial hall on the right of the photograph is Zelena street.
    The main path from the entrance to the cemetery on Zelena street to the west is not visible.
    The second photograph is of the areas south of this main path


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