Multiple identities.

By signing in with more than one identity may have many advantages :

1. It will increase the population and the number of blogs.

2. You can express yourself freely . You can tell your alter ego what you  think about him.

3. You may find out things you never knew before.


2 thoughts on “Multiple identities.

  1. jerome`

    As there aren’t many of us (no-one else signed up after my message), multiple ID’s increase the user base.j.

  2. Eduard Weissmann

    I remember when I was young, in Bucharest, my father brought a chicken,turned it three times over my head, then, after a short prayer in Hebrew,gave me the chicken which I had to throw under the table while saying”Mir zim Leben, dir zim Toid”.Years later, whenever something went wrong around me, and I would be made responsible for it, I remembered the “kappure hindale” (scapegoat) and a typical smile would appear on my face…

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