5 thoughts on ““Dorin Fränkel Radauti” – Video by Bondy Shtenzler

  1. Bruce Reisch

    Of course that must be Dorin playing piano in the background. Right Bondy? I felt such a strong bond of friend with Dori, even though we only knew each other through many emails back and forth. Miss him so much. This video is a great tribute to a truly wonderful, knowledgeable, kind-hearted man.

  2. Sylvie Gsell

    Two years ago I met Dorin : he was so helpful as we visited him in Radautz with my cousin Nana Weber who was in school with him.
    We eat together in the National restaurant and it was a nice render-vous.
    Bondy, thanks for this video !

  3. Weissmanns

    How beautiful his music! It meant so much to him, he could forget all the unhapiness in his life, the loneliness, all the misery around him and the problems of life in Radautz. Probably the last years were happier for him, with more persons visiting him, with new friendships and their untiring support.


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