Semi-monthly journal of the Cernautian school of painting

This came from List Member Daniel Dubowy… It is a pdf of something his father did in 1924 in Czernowitz when he was 16 years old.

Daniel explains:

Hi Jerome,

My German is not very good either, I used Google Translate for the
title: semi-monthly journal of the Cernautian school of painting. In
1924 my father was 16 years old, I don’t know if such a school really
existed but I suspect this was a fictitious name for a group of students
with artisitic talents in the school who wrote this journal by hand. My
father *Erich Dubowy has a few drawings inside.


So, just click on the link below and you should be able to display or save it:

I take no responsibility for the content as my German is worse than Daniel’s. Your comments then are necessary and welcome .


2 thoughts on “Semi-monthly journal of the Cernautian school of painting

  1. berti glaubach

    I don’t know about your German, but the text at least is in perfect German, and for 16 years old boys and girls quite mature. It has humor that contrasts very much with the naive hand writing of the editor. Quite an achievement, but not surprising for those who
    knew that part of the 1920th generation had a very fine taste, and were hungry for classical and modern culture.

    1. jerome

      Thanks for taking the time to look at this Berti!

      I wonder how these 1924 young students would react to finding out that once again, this time in 2012, their writings and drawings were being looked at and commented upon? Nothing short of miraculous. And, because Edgar took the time to ferret out their names in a post, Google shortly will know to point to them on the Ehpes Blog.

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