Lecture by Prof. Peter Rychlo

Rychlo-Bln1-14 041

Dear friends,
On Tuesday we went to a lecture held by Professor Rychlo from the
University of Czernowitz, from the beginnings of the city, its history,
its culture, with special emphasis to the Jewish literary scene,
starting with Margul-Sperber, Kittner, Rose Ausländer, and continuing
until the younger generation, i.e. Weissglas, Celan, the Yiddish poets
Itzhik Manger and Eliezer Steinbarg.
The lecture took place in a beautiful book-store, with a huge variety of
classical and modern literature. Two days later, Peter Rychlo continued
his tour with a similar lecture at the Jewish Community Center, which he
held in Russian, probably to a public of many ex-Czernowitzers who
emigrated in the past 20 years to Berlin.

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