2 thoughts on “Czernowitz Of My Heart • A Documentary by IETV from the Year 1999

  1. Berti Glaubach

    Somehow I did not see this one before.
    I have known and talked to most of the people who appear in the documentary.
    Thank you and Eliezer Schaffer for reminding us.

  2. Berti Glaubach

    And a further point to the feature from 1999. It was well done and captured a lot of facets that other documentations or memories sometimes forget to mention. I liked Prof. Javetz’s commentaries most.
    You can discern the voice of the historian who does not get lost in admiration for the past of any people, even if they are tour own. Good and bad, normative and extreme have always existed in any community side by side.
    Even to-day ( but mostly at nights) I still walk in the streets of the town sometimes getting lost in some street that has not last sufficiently in memory. I have been back there for a couple of days three times. Along with changes to the bad there really are things that turned out to be nicer to-day.
    And two points about Itziu Herzig,later Itzhak Arzi. After many tenths of years we had not met in Israel there was a pure by chance meeting at Amsterdam airport. He had just flown in from Czernowitz on his way, (I think) to the USA. Stefi and I were on our way from Montreal back to TA. We had some half hour to chat about Cz., common friends from Hanoar Hazioni in Romania (1945/9) and family. I told him then and can only repeat it to-day that although his son grew up to be a celebrity as a singer I still like his, the father’s voice and repertoire better.
    No offence to Shlomo Arzi, it is just a generation gap that can’t be bridged.


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