Just testing

Hello Jerome, hi ephes-members. Just testing how to post in the blog. Seems quite simple for the moment. Czernowitzers are bright people, aren´t we?

best regards


5 thoughts on “Just testing

  1. Administrator

    Hi Lilian… thanks for giving this a try. Looks like there’s a limit on the size of a jpg that one can post. On my computer, it looks like it ran over into other posts (see what Bruce posted). Anyway, for the most part it’s working.j.

  2. jerome

    Well, see my latest two posts…If you’re going to do it in-line as in the last post, 450 pixels is it. If you’re going to elect to post a thumbnail in the text, there’s no limit except good sense. Try it out.j.

  3. iromicu czatjn

    testing comments again… trying not to have comments moderated.Can’t seem to do it…j.

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