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Nice work, Jeromer! Works well. But it would be nice to have a direct link from the ehpes.com/blog1 location right to “Compose a New Post”. Can it work that way?

I found the file with this post on my hard drive. I think it’s the ceremonial hall at the Cz. cemetery entrance. Who can make some use of these plans? Best to everyone!

Bruce Reisch

Old Plan for the Leichenhalle at the entrance to the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery (?)

Old Plan for the Leichenhalle at the entrance to the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery (?)

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  1. bruce.reisch

    Random comments -the pic I posted overlaps with the menu at the right of the blog1 site screen.After 3 previews of the post, I was left with multiple (four?) open windows when finally published. Not a big problem at all, but doesn’t seem efficient.

  2. Administrator

    Yeah… there may be a size limit for getting it all on one screen. It seemed to overlap into the post after yours.On the open windows, yep, it seems that the windows don’t close automagically, and you end up having to close them manually. I’ve noticed that too. What size were the drawings that you posted? Can you try and edit it smaller and see where the fit is OK?j.

  3. bruce.reisch

    Jerome:LeichenPlan1 was 704 wide x 1245 tall.LeichenPlan2 was 1065 x 1500I’ll re-post in other widths to see what happens.Hardy – Thanks – I sent the original jpg’s to Mimi. Bruce

  4. bruce.reisch

    It’s velly interesting that the blog comments automagically show the blogger’s username (bruce.reisch, administrator, hardy, etc.) but the blog post itself must be signed so you know who it’s from. Can the Poster’s username be shown automagically? (Bruce Reischkovits)

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