3 thoughts on “Nationalistic Delirium in Bucharest on 21.06.1941

  1. edgarhauster Post author

    Hi Jerome,
    At a first glance it looks easier to publish a posting by the (free) iPad app than by the laptop/desktop. It worked well after activating. settings/writing/xml-rpc (Whatsoever it means!). The app is apparently comfortable to operate, but I’ll have to check it in detail. Still I’m facing problems in resizing the thumbnails and the log-in window doesn’t remember my password. What’s about your (partial or integral) iPad? Does it work satisfactory?

    1. jerome

      OK… understand.

      It’s Winnie’s iPad — I only get to play with it when things go wrong, but next time that happens I’ll install the WP app and have a look at it. Winnie is very pleased with her new toy and guards it jealously .

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