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Two Czernowitzer Ladies in Bucharest!

Netka and Rachelle Peretz

Netka an Rachelle Peretz in front of th Bucharest Main Post Office.
In 1972 it became became the National Museum of History.

Alternate utilization due to parking place shortage in Bucharest.

The Czernowitzer newspaper “Der Tag” is reporting on the stylish
window display of the sporting goods store M. Gelband.

Unveiling Ceremony for Eliezer Steinbarg’s Funerary Monument on 08.10.1933

It is sad, children, in this wide giant world.It is bitter! Let’s at least enjoy a fable!

Moshe Altmann Memorial Plate on 23, Kobylanska Street (Herrengasse)

History Museum of the Romanian Jews, Bucharest

Links: Eliezer Steinbarg, Arthur Kolnik, Barbu Lazareanu, Jacob Sternberg, Moshe Altmann, Dr. Shlomo Bickel, Leib Malach

Photos: Courtesy of Edgar Hauster, Irene Fishler, Lydia Schmerler, Sergij Osatschuk, Iosif Vaisman