1919 Historical Documents in German

I received an email from List member Alex Denisenko, who sent along what looks like some interesting documents from 1919 Czernowitz/Sadagora :

Dear Jerome,
These are scans of documents of American shipping company that operated in Czernowitz.
Do you know anything more about its operation? They might be of interest to CZ group members.
Alex Denisenko

In a subsequent email Alex said:
To the best of my knowledge the company’s office was housed in the beginning of Synagogegasse, in the house that was nick named “Canada”.

I made a pdf of the documents so you can access them and be able to magnify them, etc. The question is (because I am Germanically challenged), is: What significance would these documents be to researchers, and if appropriate, would the ‘Stories, Histories, Documents’ section on our Website be a good home for them? A summary of what the documents are about, not an exact translation, is what I need. Are all the pages of this correspondence connected? And does anyone know any more about the shipping company?

You will need Acrobat Reader or it’s equivalent to view the pdf file. Click on the link below:


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  1. Edgar Hauster

    Alex and Jerome…

    That’s an outstanding find, thank you both for sharing it with us. By three letters, dated August/September 1919, the “Central Exchange & Ticket Agency” and the “American Express Company” are requesting the Czernowitz Jewish Community to publish an appeal to the defaulting Jewish population in the local press, designed to motivate them to ask their relatives overseas for financial aid. The agencies committed themselves to distribute the letters of request free of charge, to collect the aid money and to allocate it via the Czernowitz Jewish Community. I’m afraid, what looks at a first glance like a humanitarian action, is in fact rather a marketing campaign for international money orders (including the transfer fees).

    Bearing the receipt stamp of the Czernowitz Jewish Community, I assume these three letters came from their archives. BTW, impressive letterheads! In my opinion, they are not founding a story (yet) for the Ehpes “Stories, Histories, Documents” section, unless we would locate the correspondence between both seafronts of the Atlantic Ocean. From the third letter, dated 01.09.1919 we learn about a humanitarian organization:

    Sadogorer Relief
    New York, 130 2nd Street, USA
    President: Sol. Granirer
    Secretary: S. Talesman

    I’ll check the contemporary Czernowitzer press from August/September 1919 looking for a possible reaction from the Czernowitz Jewish Community!


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