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Below is a copy of my grandfather Rubin’s birth entry but need help to translate the “Anmerkung”.

Rubin was born in Zablatow in 1881. His mother was Bruche Singer. His father was Hersch Ohling. When Rubin married in 1908, he was still known as Rubin Singer. His name was changed to Rubin/Robert Oling, possibly in 1917.

I wonder if the “Anmerkung” relate to any additional family history that I can discover from the document.

I would be grateful if this segment of the document could be sent to all list members as someone might understand the language.

Thank you and very best wishes to all.
Jean Weightman


3 thoughts on “Help With Translation

  1. Marion Tauschwitz

    In the head of the document there is written in German an another language: “Todt geborene Kinder” (death born children) and “Anmerkungen” (details). I wonder whether it is Jiddish in latin letters? Because there are words in the text that sound German…

  2. Dale Prince

    It is Polish. Some bits are illegible. It concerns a stillbirth. I do not know the meaning of the abbreviations ck and lp. Original followed by translation:

    Dzieci nieżywo urodzone


    Wskutek reskryptu ck [etc?] Namiestnictwa z [illeg] 1911 [?] L XII 2249/j i polecenie ck [etc?] Starostwa w Śniatynie z … 1911 L 1379/11 wpisane się za następuje.-
    Do ojcowstwa tego dziecka przyznał się Hersch Oling. Rodzice tego dziecka zawarli się w roku 1901 małżeństwo a akt zaślubin rodziców zapisany jest w księdze zaślubinnych izraelickiego urzędu metrykalnego w Sadagórze L III fol 281 lp 181

    23/5 1911 lp 166

    Stillborn children

    Due to a rescript ck [etc?] of the Governorship of [illeg] 1911 [?] L[iber] XII 2249/j and by order ck [etc?] of the local government in Śniatyn of [illeg] 1911 L[iber] 1379/11 is entered for the following. –

    Hersch Oling recognized his paternity of the child. The parents of the child were married in 1901, and the act of marriage of parents is registered in the metrical marriage book of the Jewish office in Sadagora L[iber] III fol 281 lp 181

    May 23, 1911 lp 166

  3. Jean Weightman

    Thank you so much, Dale, for the translation and Marion for your additional comments. Yes, I can now read that the column second from the right is headed Todt geborene Kinder.

    It is interesting that a stillbirth, possibly much later than Rubin’s birth in 1881, and also the marriage of Hersch Ohling and Bruche Singer are recorded on Rubin’s birth certificate. Thorough cross-referencing, I suppose.

    It is very good to now have from this document the marriage registration details for Hersch and Bruche. A question for Bruce and others: Do these metrical books for Sadagora still exist? If so, can I access them on-line?

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