Nettchen=Yiddish term of endearment?

This [below] is the handwritten nickname Selma Merbaum used for her friend Renée Abramovici.
In all so far transcriptions you can read “Nettchen” – but I do not agree with it. Couldn’t it be a a tender way in Yiddish to address to a close friend?


3 thoughts on “Nettchen=Yiddish term of endearment?

  1. Berti

    It does not look at all like Nettchen, where is the second t?
    Looks more like Netselme, whatever that may mean.

  2. Jeanette Rosenberg

    Speaking as someone who was named for her Oma Nettchen – I can’t see the problem. In my Great Grandmother’s case – she was Jeanette but was known to the family as Nettchen. I had 2 Great Grandmothers on opposite sides of the family, and both were called Nettchen, with the name Jeanette. One of my other great Grandmothers was Henriette, and she was called Yettchen! Hope you resolve your conundrum.

  3. Gabriele Weissmann

    Dear Marion,
    The nickname ist not known to me, but I grew up in Bucharest, not Czernowitz. It sounds quite cute, being especially close to the German word “nett”. And you have confirmation from Jeannette Rosenberg.
    But actually the spelling looks really like something else, or was written in a hurry. Is there a word like “wir” next to it?

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