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Shul of the Rabbi of Chernivtsy Menachem Glisnshtain

From Nesanel [Neil] Peterman who writes:

[…] Some pictures I took of the new Shul of the Rabbi of Chernivtsy Menachem Glisnshtain, located at Mykola Sadovs’kyy 11, January and June 2012 which I think might be of interest to the Ephes collection. The Jewish community of the town is growing as a fullfillment of the legacy of the past.

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Sadagura Construction

From Cora Schwartz by way of Hardy Breier

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Hello from Sadgura-will send picture of 2 hotels being built here in center of Sadgura-(being built by Israelis?) The gray one in back was the Jewish school long ago? Pls let me know if u can transfer these picture to CZ list and if anyone has questions (my question marks are because the info here might be questionable)
[Cora Schwartz]

Yehiel, the “Gabbe” in Rabbi Koyfmansky’s “Shil”!

This is Yehiel, the “gabbe” in Rabbi Koyfmansky’s “shil”. The watercolor was made by Valentin Bukovinets from Nefteyugansk, based on my photo, released at “Three Walks Through Czernowitz – Ten Years Ago Today!”; see more “Czernowitz Watercolors by Valentin Bukovinets”! Thank you, Valentin, for your creative artwork!

Czernowitz Old Choral Synagogue

The General Assembly of the “Czernowitz Old Choral Synagogue” and the elections for the board took place in April 1934. 96 out of 117 members attended the assembly and elected, under the direction of state prosecutor Axani (?!), as follows:

Osias Pohoryles, farmer – president
Samuel Gottlieb, industrialist – vice president
Jakob Peritz, industrial magnate – commitee member
Josef Wiznitzer, industrial magnate – commitee member
Moses Barabasch, exporter – commitee member
Jakob Jurgrau, storehouse owner – commitee member
Mechel Kottlar, exporter – commitee member
Salomon Picker, house owner – commitee member
Dr. Markus Rudich, lawyer – commitee member
Mechel Brender, industrialist – commitee member
Jakob Neumann, magistrate director – commitee member
J. J. Dawer, industrialist – commitee member
Schulim Brender, businessman – commitee member

The pictures are dated 2006 and 2008, but in January 2007, David Glynn from London wrote a most interesting mail on the “Chor Schul”: