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Mamaliga Forever

I love those dear hearts and gentle people
Who lived in my home town
Because those dear hearts and gentle people
Will never ever let you down
They eat  malai and  mamaliga,
That’s how their  weekend goes
And when there is no  more  mamaliga,
They eat the  picket fence and ramblin’ rose
I feel so welcome each time that I return ,
They ask me if I brought some flour ,
I love the dear hearts and gentle people
Who eat the mamaliga every hour.
I feel so welcome each time that I return
That my happy heart keeps laughin’ like a clown
I love the dear hearts and gentle people
Who live and love in my home town


Help identify family in 1936 photo

This email was received today from Michal Apter-Lecker <>:

Please help identify these people.

Please help identify these people.

“This photo was taken about 1936 in Czernowitz, by – Jacob Broll … Ferdinand 38 ? I do recognize only one person – Yosef-Yoshko Orenstein – the 2nd. to the left. Maybe you can help identify the others?”Please reply to the address above.

Petrified Bahachka.
Where  Putyla river meets Cheremosh river stands  a rock.   Sheer 30 meters up.  The Petrified Bahachka. Legend tells  story of  very rich and mean woman. A Bahachka that is.    Peasant woman living nearby had  beautiful daughter who    was  serf to Bahachka.  Once when  woman hungry she went to see  Bahachka to beg for daughter and for bread.  Instead the Bahachka threw to her  stone,  big as  bread.  Instantly  Bahachka turned into  rock. 30 meters tall.  Where  Putyla river meets  Cheremosh.  In the heart of Hutzul country, Bukovina.

Further down on Cheremosh is rock called “Zhaba”, that is frog.              All this not far away from from Twin City on Cheremosh (not Mississippi)  that is Vizhnitz and Kuty. Here was border between Moldova and Polish before Austrians came.  Border good for Jewish tradesman make good business. Therefore many Jews and great Rabbis of Vishnitz dynasty. Baal Shem Tov also went lost in woods for days. Before he turned holy.


Operation Winterstorm.

On a peaceful winter morning , the front was quiet but then at 7 sharp:

In a two pronged break- out from two strongholds the troops moved outswiftly.By 8 they met at plot 68 . The encirclement was complete.All the encircled troops put down their arms and surrendered theterritory.Operation Winterstorm was over.Hardy

The Rotating Chicken question

Recently, Anny Matar and others wrote about the Rotating Chicken on the Cz-L list.

Here’s a snippit of what Anny wrote:  […]I dreaded Yom Kippur becausemy Zazia, as we called grandfather, turned the chickens over our heads andwe had to say:”Mir zum Leben dir zum Tod” (me to life and you to death) and that was a terrible thing, never to be forgotten. Then the Shohat came, by then I was as far and as fast as my feet could carry me when I only saw that man……)!!!

Now my question is: from what did this originate; and what is the meaning; and why a chicken? Enquiring minds want to know!



Multiple identities.

By signing in with more than one identity may have many advantages :

1. It will increase the population and the number of blogs.

2. You can express yourself freely . You can tell your alter ego what you  think about him.

3. You may find out things you never knew before.